IFTTT "Skip Watering Time"

Is the IFTTT “Skip Watering Time” action only applicable to FIXED or AS NEEDED, and not FLEX? I had it working previously when I was using FIXED, and I think AS NEEDED. However, I just deleted all other schedules except for my 4 FLEX schedules. Now when I go to my IFTTT recipe, and try to point my recipe to my one FLEX schedules, the “Which schedule” pulldown is empty.

Thanks in advance for your help.

That concept doesn’t really apply to flex, since it is dynamic and we decide right up to the run-time if it should run.

Setting a one day rain delay would probably be a better choice.


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@franz I was wondering if that was what was going on. The only downside is that all I need is to skip the grass zone, since the rest of our irrigation is drip therefore won’t get in the landscapers’ way. Not a huge deal as the non-grass zones will get caught up on the next day if needed.

When you guys come out with this type of feature in your app., it would be great if you could do it on a per zone basis.


@azdavidr Now that would be super dialed in :wink:



@franz I worry most about the wrath of my daughter when her vegetable garden is skipped !! :imp:

I’m sorry but no amount of software will help you there :wink:


@franz That should be your next start-up. Think of the tremendous market you would capture if you made an app that controlled your teenager.

Seriously, thanks for the great support of a great product.