IFTTT - hot weather

Hi, I’m new to Rachio and the community. I’m trying to setup a IFTTT trigger for hot weather. I believe I’ve setup the IFTTT link and I created a schedule to activate. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to trigger when the weather was hot. I tried lowering the trigger temp but still no go.

My question is, what time do I set the hot weather schedule? I don’t want it to run unless it’s triggered by IFTTT so should it be disabled? Otherwise, it will run regardless of the temp?

The hot weather schedule should be disabled. When the IFTTT triggers it will cause a “manual” run of the schedule.

But I have given up on IFTTT for this use. (I was trying to get an extra watering for some hanging pots if the weather got hot.) What I really need is an IFTTT that will predict hot weather and enable/disable a schedule set to run at a particular time. Haven’t found a way to do that. In the mean time I just set the start/stop dates for the schedule to run in the hot months. Some waste of water when the day is below normal, but since it is a pot drip, not much.

So as a product suggestion I have requested that the Iro be able to condition a schedule on predicted temperature. Run if the temperature is (predicted to be) greater than 90 degrees…


@sbillard I’m pretty much in the same boat. I would like to have my supplemental schedule run late afternoon, but the temperature based IFTTT trigger always seems to run it in the morning, at which time I just watered with my base schedule.

Is there anyway to connect a resistance temp probe perhaps through the flow meter circuit and get a more accurate temp reading to trigger the hot weather schedule?