IFTTT and WeMo Switch and Rachio Iro

While I was a bit concerned that the Iro didn’t have a control knob on the actual unit itself for someone else to turn on/off my sprinklers. With the help of a WeMo smart switch I have setup for my exterior garage lights that I want to turn on/off @ sunset/sunrise, I created a IF recipe with a long press of the WeMo Light Switch will run a Manual schedule that I have setup and keep disabled with the same settings as my typical Iro Watering Schedule. Works great for those times when the lawn guy (father-in-law) finishes cutting the lawn and then wants to turn on the sprinklers for me. I even get a notification on my phone to let me know it’s just happened! I love technology… Would love to hear some other great IFTTT recipes. While I do have the Nest thermostat and Nest Protects throughout the house, I hope the Protects NEVER have to trigger the sprinklers but really cool to know that they would protect the surrounding homes! Keep up the great work!


@johnesc We are not worthy!

That is fantastic, love to see these mashups.

How did you get your FIL to mow your lawn? That’s quite a feat :wink:

If you trust him, you can give him shared access


FYI, we will be re-releasing our one-time landscaper access feature in the near future which will work through our webapp and give others zone control, without having to install a native app. More details coming later.

Keep up the sweet mashups!


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LOL! Fortunate to have great inlaws that are friends as well, allow them to come on all your vacations and they will watch your kids and mow your lawn for free! :wink: Great news about the landscaper access, that wouldn’t be for him, not tech savvy. If it wasn’t for the switch setup, he’d just have to call me.