IFTTT Action

Could you add a couple new actions to the IFTTT channel? I’ll do my best to try and explain what I am looking for.

To start with, I want to create a watering time that is scheduled to run daily at lets say 3pm. However, I want to set it as disabled so that it won’t run initially.

Then, for my IFTTT recipe, if my Netatmo station detects an outside temperature of X degrees (or above) sometime throughout the day, I’d then like that watering time enabled so that it’ll run at the schedule time that afternoon.

I just then need to figure out a way to disable it afterwards so that it won’t continue to run daily (unless that X temperature is detected). So if my first request can be added, then adding that same type of action but this time to disable a watering time - I think this will work. Because I’ll set the recipe for if the Netatmo detects a temperature less than Y, to disable that Iro watering time.

My only other thought would be if the Iro channel can have an action to run a specific watering time and then also provide the time to run it as a parameter in IFTTT - so that its override the disabled watering time settings and enable it to run at the time specified in IFTTT. This would make it easier so that I wouldn’t have to worry about enabling and then disabling that watering time each day. Im just not sure if that type of action and additional parameter can be done in IFTTT.

Currently, I think the only thing that can be done is to trigger the watering time to run as soon as that temperature is detected. The goal would be to have it water my flowers zone in the late afternoon if it’s incredibly hot out. So if there is a different way to accomplish this, I’m totally open to that. I was just thinking that adding and action to IFTTT would be easiest. Again, I’m obviously open to any other actions in IFTTT or other way to accomplish this.


I would just use the ‘Start watering time’ action that is triggered by Netatmo. IFTTT can start disabled watering times on the Iro.

At this time, I do believe we have enough combinations of triggers and actions to support almost every use case.


If I use that, won’t it run that watering time as soon as the temperature is detected as opposed to the time that is set in the schedule?

Sorry, missed that part. Yes it will run immediately.

Too bad you can’t chain IFTTT recipes.

You could trigger a Google calendar event, that in turns starts a watering schedule at the appropriate time. :wink:

If the ability to trigger IFTTT recipes existed that’d be sweet for many reasons other than this even!
For the Google calendar idea - how exactly are you thinking that’d work? I think my brain is moving a little slow this Saturday morning sorry!

@jeremyshultz It’s currently not possible, but I thought it would be cool to chain recipes together, or have multiple triggers/actions.

Google calendar would be added by IFTTT, that would then trigger Iro action. Not possible since you can only do one trigger --> one action now.

Well dang! My hopes are now crushed! :sob: haha. I supposed I’ll have to continue my search (since last year) for a way to accomplish this task!! Thanks for your thoughts at least.