If a Rachio 4 were announced, what are you hoping for?

We need better pro tools. I.e. features to locate valve boxes, individual valves, etc.
This would be far too easy to implement. https://www.amazon.com/WYJ-Suitable-Chat-R-Box-Irrigation-Aliigator/dp/B07VQLX4JG

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We need better pro sales tools brochures, videos, etc. All the current marketing emphasizes the novelty of the Rachio and app controls. How about emphasizing all the water the customer could save with this device? How about some sales tools demonstrating benefits beyond showing off to your friends… smart integration and other novelties.


Do you give yourself replacing those way more than you should need to @tmcgahey ? I have had so many die on me, often when I have to turn off power are the breaker. I’ve read up on it and it seems to be a common issue with Jason stitches. I’m wondering if you’ve found any that are more reliable.

I suppose so. Most of mine are GE/Jasco switches. I’ve had to swap 8 switches in 6 years. All were replaced for free by Jasco with a quick call to customer service. In comparison to standard switches, yea, I replace “a lot”.

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I currently have all HomeSeer switches. In six years I’ve had two out of dozens fail. :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


I have a freind that has a complete Control4 system in his house. The Control4 switches use zwave technology as well, and hes had a couple switches die in 3 years, but they are covered under “warranty”. I think he still had to pay to have them swapped out and someone to reprogram the Control4 system.

For the $200+ price tag of those Control4 zwave switches, I’d expect better, but at the end of the day, if the radio chipset is going to fail, the manufacturer of the switch probably doesnt matter.

An easier way to set up an overseeding schedule instead of having to set up a set of fixed schedules to activate every year!


Yeah, Control4 is still a rather closed system when it comes to installation and management.

I vote for HomeKit that actually works as advertised.

This is really needed. It’s entirely a software issue, so we shouldn’t even have to wait for Rachio 4.

IF Rachio 4 were announced, I would hope for a substantial discount coupon due to the lack of Homekit support in Rachio 3.


Simply put, a schedule that ends at a certain time but takes into account the zones scheduled to run. If I want my watering to end at 6am, it should not start at 11pm (or earlier) with only 1 zone scheduled for 1 hour (the way it currently works if you have an end time set).

Honestly, this should have nothing to do with Rachio 4, this could be implemented today and is the most frustrating part of smart schedules for me.

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Instead of a new controller, I’d like a range of sprinkler valves with flow sensors embedded.

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I’d like the ability to chain controllers to avoid schedule conflicts between different zones.

Able to expand the system by pairing controllers.

Able to expand the system with wireless control of hosebib controllers (that you could sell)

Able to expand the system by controlling third party controllers, like b-hyve

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[quote=“scorp508, post:1, topic:33377”]
More than 16 zones, even if that means logical merging of two controllers in software.

Please, Please, Please

A UI that shows you in real time the changes to that zone’s watering Duration and Period when you change any Basic or Advanced Zone settings.

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As a user of Rachio 3 that has not had working Homekit integration for several years now, what I would like to see with Rachio 4 would be a coupon for a substantial discount to make things a little more palatable.

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