iCal Feed of Watering

It would be great to have the option for an iCal feed of your watering schedule. With Flex, it’s not predictable so it would be great to be able to see it in Google Calendar with my other calendar items.


@ghctim, interesting idea. We could do this on [IFTTT][1] for Google Calendars.

Let me know if this would work for your Flex Schedule :blush:

Best, Emil
[1]: https://ifttt.com/recipes/301529-iro-gcal

@emil you would not be able to do this with google calendar using IFTTT. IFTTT only allows you to trigger on watering start or end. It doesn’t allow you to trigger based on watering scheduled, watering cancelled.

Like even today, I had my flex schedule change and skip today, which is awesome! But I had to look at the app…

yes, i have found ifttt to not be very useful, unless you wanted to make a face book post that your irrigation system turned on then off…

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@ghctim, good catch. Sorry I didn’t think through my recommendation better. We are hoping to add more trigger points to IFTTT, so once the dev team gets a chance to do this, then I think IFTTT will work as I recommended :wink:

@plainsane, haha, you mean you don’t like telling your friends EVERYTHING you’re doing?!