I would like to see Rachio add pipe leak/break and normally open (NO) master valve features, similar to WeatherTrak

I’m not sure if the latest Rachio 3 has these features but probably not yet. I would like to get rid of my WeatherTrak controller because it requires an expensive annual subscription for the weather, and the weather capability is dumb (it reacts instead of forecasting, so it may thoroughly water the lawn right before a huge rainstorm). But the WeatherTrak has some essential features that I still need:

  1. The WeatherTrak supports a Normally Open (NO) master valve.
  2. It has mainline break and leak detection with a variety of adjustable parameters (for example a slow leak for a certain amount of time, or a large leak for a shorter duration). If a leak it detected it automatically turns off the (NO) master valve. I can also override this via the app if I’m watering with a hose bib for a really long time, etc.

The highly configurable leak detection with master valve control is extremely useful. I have a large back yard that used to have costly line breaks on occasion until I installed the WeatherTrak to detect and respond to them.

I have the CST flow sensor. I wonder if Rachio would add these features (if not there already) and then I will throw the WeatherTrak in the garbage. Until then I will have to continue using the dinosaur WeatherTrak.

Rachio has an available wireless Flow Meter (was included free with first Rachio 3 units) that would do much of what you want . You can read a review at Rachio Wireless Flow Meter Review. Don’t know about the NO master valve.

Note that the Rachio WFM has been discontinued, but you may be able to find one if you look around (?). I installed the Rachio 3 controller and the flow meter last summer and love them both. WFM has detected several high flow conditions, PVC/poly leaks, missing emitters, etc. I believe the controller is compatible with other (wired?) flow meters. I’m sure others can address your questions more thoroughly. :wink:

From what I read the latest Rachio is compatible with the wired CST flow sensor, so I think that part is covered. But what I’m not sure about in my question is the Normally Open (NO) master valve and software ability to do sophisticated leak detection and automatic closing of the (NO) master valve.

It probably doesn’t help you, but our water company just this year went to digital, remote-reading water meters, reported once a day. You can look at usage for your home in monthly, daily, hourly, or 15 minute intervals. And you can set the maximum continuous allowable flow over 24 hours to notify you of leaks.

As I said, it won’t help if you don’t have this, but I imagine many areas do have this feature now, and people might not know or have forgotten that it’s available to them. I’m probably the only one in our neighborhood that cares (and has a Favorites link on my browser to view it). :wink:

We have naturally shifting soil in the hilly back yard and it causes breaks at the irrigation PVC pipe joints on average about 1 break per year. With a 2" water meter this releases thousands of gallons of water in a short amount of time. Prior to WeatherTrak system automatically closing the master valve, typically the neighbors would notice a river of water and they would call the city to close our water meter valve (the neighbors are downhill from our back yard). WeatherTrak has caught about 5 leaks so far that would have been major if we didn’t have it.

Sounds like Rachio is more for lightweight residential. Looks like I’ll be with WeatherTrak for a while.