I want to be watering (1min,1zone) per 10min between 8:00~19:00

I want to be watering (1min,1zone) per 10min between 8:00 and 19:00.
Please let me know about easy schedule setting method above.

The only way to currently do that is by using IFTTT

I would create a schedule that has all your zones set to run one minute, then disable the schedule. You can then create a IFTTT recipe that triggers this schedule on a certain time interval.

This is a sample recipe that shows running a schedule every hour.

If you want even more sophistication you can use Google Calendar in IFTTT.

We are working on new calendaring that will support multiple daily run times and many more requested features. but won’t be available for some time.


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Thank you for your reply.

I tried using IFTTT.
I connected my Iro to “Date & Time”.
I created recipe at IFTTT but Rachio App (GUI) was not change.
Is it correct ?

@bbtower You won’t see anything in the Rachio App related to IFTTT, just on IFTTT.

When watering events are triggered through IFTTT they will show up in the Rachio app activity feed.

Hope this helps.