I need a delay between zone watering

I have a leak detection system that shuts down all water to my property if the water is on too long. I cannot run all the zones without a pause. If I do, my water will shut down. Is there a way to schedule the zones so that there is a “time out” between zones?

Which leak system do you have? They normally have some method to prevent this. E.g. I have the Phyn Plus and it learns what is watering etc. You may want to reach to the support for your system as well.

@sherrychef - You may be able to accomplish this with a manual cycle and soak configuration.

I have to find out how to do the manual cycle and soak. Do the weather apps still monitor for rain and skip days when you use a manual setting? Also, can I say I have a well (even if I don’t) so that it cycles and soaks?

My system is called Leak Defense System

@sherrychef - here is the info on manual cycle and soak ->

If the weather intelligence options are active, then Rachio will skip for rain, wind, saturation, etc.