I need a delay between zone watering

I have a leak detection system that shuts down all water to my property if the water is on too long. I cannot run all the zones without a pause. If I do, my water will shut down. Is there a way to schedule the zones so that there is a “time out” between zones?

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Which leak system do you have? They normally have some method to prevent this. E.g. I have the Phyn Plus and it learns what is watering etc. You may want to reach to the support for your system as well.

@sherrychef - You may be able to accomplish this with a manual cycle and soak configuration.

I have to find out how to do the manual cycle and soak. Do the weather apps still monitor for rain and skip days when you use a manual setting? Also, can I say I have a well (even if I don’t) so that it cycles and soaks?

My system is called Leak Defense System

@sherrychef - here is the info on manual cycle and soak ->

If the weather intelligence options are active, then Rachio will skip for rain, wind, saturation, etc.

Me too.

I have a Flo leak detector, and while it tries to be smart, my Rachio is smarter. :wink: Because the Rachio is so smart, the Flo can’t figure out the schedule. (I.e., because Flex Daily runs different zones on different days and may skip for weather, etc. there isn’t sufficient predictability for the Flo to “learn” when irrigation is going to happen. Opportunity: Work with Flo so Rachio tells Flo that irrigation is happening, and Flo knows what to expect.)

I see elsewhere in the forums that there is now a “Zone Delay” feature, intended to let your well recharge. And I think this might be usefully extended to solve the problem of erroneous leak detection. If the water turned off after each Zone, I am pretty sure my Flo would not panic that there was a leak.

So, my question here is, I have a master valve, but the Zone Delay feature is only available if you set the M terminal to be “Well Pump”. Is there actually any difference in behavior as far as the M terminal for those two cases? I assume the M terminal will be activated in either case at the start of any watering cycle. If so, I could just pretend my master valve is a well and then enable delays between each of my zones.

What say you, oh Rachio experts?

I believe this will work. Shouldn’t hurt anything to try it out :wink:

Please let us know out outcome!


I set up 6 separate schedules. I have 3 zones. I was able to manually put in the time each schedule should start. I was able to make sure there was a delay and I’ve had no problems. Works like a charm. One day I might use the soak cycle as if I had a well. But you know the old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.