I have three zones showing zero moisture for last atleast 4 days?

Just installed the flow meter, and have been out of town so haven’t looked at rachio much. Lawn doesn’t look that bad but i see a couple zones showing zero for last couple days.

Same thing here, I first noticed when 3 zones that watered last night were going again tonight.

Franz did reply to me right away and I assume they are working the issue.

I used to be in data management, this stuff always hits you at the end of the day, makes your stomach turn over.

forgot to add screen shot

That’s what mine look like also.

Posting to say my Rachio Gen 2 is doing the same thing.

Hey all! Thanks for the heads up. Working through this now - more details shortly!
-Lo :rachio:

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Hey all!

Thank you all for your patience! We’re working to get this resolved and will have an update for everyone in the morning!

-Lo :rachio:


Thanks Laura!

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Now it ran this morning for 157 minutes in 1 zone but others are still zero. But it shows that i used almost 2,000 gallons. That seems like quite a bit for 1 day. I just installed the flow meter and calibrated it. I am going to go broke with the water bill if this keeps up

@hjscm One of my recommendations is to start with one flex zone for a week or two to understand how it works and potentially do some fine tuning. Once you are happy with the schedule I recommend pulling in other zones. If you do have any questions regarding frequency or watering durations the community loves to help. I’d create a new topic if you need some assistance helping with some fine tuning. Welcome to the community and thanks for being a customer.


@hjscm - the time could be elongated due to cycle and soak. The system is not actually watering, just keeping track of time while it is soaking. So if that was turned on, I don’t think the system actually watered that much.

have been running flex daily for since the gen 3 came out with no problems. Problems just started happening this week for me and some others in this thread. Everything went to zero for some reason.

The issue causing delayed notifications and events has been resolved. However, we’re currently working through data recovery for affected users. For the most up to date information, you can follow our progress here.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!


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