I had quite a crowd

So I visited Hydroscape yesterday, a small chain of irrigation stores in California, to buy some more emitters. I asked them what kind of high-tech controllers they carried and I got “you mean the kind you hook up to a weather station?” I said, no, the kind you hook up to your wi-fi! They all looked at me weird and I showed them my app on my phone. They were all mesmerized. Doing my best to spread the word - keep up the great work!

That’s awesome, thanks for relaying that story :wink:

I’m sure soon enough they will be using this new fangled technology.


My home will have a number of Dallas news media representatives coming to it on Sep. 24th, as part of pre-visits to 4 key homes on the DFW Solar & Energy Efficiency Tour this year (see http://www.dfwsolartour.org/ - Oct. 3rd). In addition to talking about solar PV, geothermal HVAC, and real time energy monitoring, I’ll be highlighting the Iro showing how ET controllers are making inroads to the residential market.

I jumped in ‘cold turkey’ with flex schedules. Can’t quite explain yet all of the various principles but I’m getting there.

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