Hunter to Rachio 3 Wiring Trouble Shoot

Having trouble from RS wire from Hunter and 24V wire and where to place on the new Rachio. Please help

Which model of RS do you have? Do you really want to use the RS or just use the weather intelligence (may depend on locations of nearby weather stations)? Have you hooked up the Rachio yet and if so, do the stations all work? Or are you just doing leg work to figure out the wiring? From what I can tell, green is the valves’ common and black & white go to the sensor, correct?

I hooked up to Rachio but it’s not working. I have a well pump and also have the wireless water sensor (see attached). I’m not sure where the white and green supposed to be hooked up on the Rachio. Also where do I hook the current red wires to Rachio.

I do not see where the pump is hooked up. It seems like they are usually hooked up to MV (sometimes labeled P/MV) and common. After understanding the pump, I would try the zones without the rain sensor. In that case, I believe the green is the zones’ common, so that would go to the C terminal.

It looks to me like the two red wires (power) with the black & white wires go to the rain sensor. We can figure the rain sensor out after we get the pump and zones working.

@Alant619, I have circled the black wire bundle b/c from my experience this wire bundle is traveling into the field to each valve location. Typically, the white wire in this bundle is the common wire going to each valve in the field. So I believe the green wire coming from that bundle is a station wire. The white bundle which I have marked w/ an arrow in both photos appears to travel from your rain sensor to the controller(2 reds, black, white, and yellow wire). Do you have a picture of how you wired the Rachio? And does the Rachio run the zones properly without the rain sensor hooked up?

To me, it is clear from the original images in the original posts that the white is going to a zone and green is going to common. My understanding is it was working that way. In the latest post’s images, it is not clear where the wires are going. To me it looks like all zones are disconnected except for the green, which is still hooked up. I would still suggest hooking up the Rachio exactly like it was hooked up to the Hunter with the exception of not hooking up the rain sensor at all. This also means hooking up the zones’ common, which I believe only leaves the green wire to the Rachio common. Then, test all the zones. After we have that working, then I would figure out the rain sensor.

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I hooked the green wire to C and small white and brown to sensor and it worked. Thanks for your help

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Awesome, good work! It looks great.

Sorry, I was under the impression it wasn’t working at all. Agree 100%, if it was working before, hookup the station wires and the common the same(most applications the white is the common but not all). The rain sensor is always more difficult.