Hunter Pro-C to Rachio


My Rachio Generation 3 shipped and I have a few questions about how to map the wires once it arrives:

Right Side
2 Wires - COM
1 Wire - PM/V
13 Wires to Zones (No Questions)

Left Side
1 Wire - SEN (Top)
1 Wire - SEN (2nd)

I used a power supply with the Hunter so I’m not worried about the AC wires.

Thank you

@bielen - there will be two C(ommon) terminals on the Rachio to put the two wires from the COM port. There will be a M terminal to put PM/V wire - be sure to enable Pump Start Relay/Master Valve option in the Rachio app to make that port active.

For the SEN port - is that a rain sensor or what type of sensor is it? You don’t have to use a rain sensor, but you can with the Rachio with the S1 and -24 terminals.


SEN is for a rain sensor. Do I use S1 and S2 for both the sensor. I thought I read in the manual to only use one sensor wire.

Thank you

@bielen - here you go: