Hunter Pro C to Rachio 2

I brought my Rachio 2 (16ZULW-B) with me to a new house, but I’m having no luck getting it running after replacing the Hunter Pro-C that was already here.

The existing setup looked like this:

The black, gray, and brown wires headed out to the system were not connected. The yellow and green wires were joined via wire nut to a single gray wire which was in the area of the power connections, but not actually hooked up to anything.

I wired everything as shown below, but no zones are starting.

Anyone know if I happened to I miss something?


It looks like you have sensor on the Hunter Pro C that is not connected to the Rachio 2. That is not a problem in and of itself, but I would guess that the white that is connected to the Rachio 2’s common is for the sensor. It is hard to tell with the bundles which wires goes to which bundles. The options for which should go to the Rachio common may be brown, gray, yellow, and/or green.

@fletcher - was the Hunter Pro-C run before being disconnected? Is water on to the system?

Do you have access to a multi-meter to test resisitivy on the circuits?

Turns out having the green and yellow as common worked… after I located and turned on three valves inline with one another (not sure why so many?) to actually supply water!

Thanks for the assistance.