Hunter ICC replacing with Rachio 3 wiring issue

I am trying to replace my Hunter ICC with Rachio 3. I see a bunch of wires in the first box that has not an equivalent in the Rachio box. I have attached the images. Thanks for the help.

@Avogadro - Easy.

From the bottom up:

  1. Ignore the green GND wire.
  2. Ignore the two (2) yellow AC wires.
  3. Ignore the thin red, white and blue wires connected to AC, AC and REM respectively - they are probably for a remote control that won’t work with Rachio (use the app instead!).
  4. The two wires connected to the SEN terminal probably go to a wired rain sensor. This is optional with Rachio as Rachio will use NWS forecast to determine rain and freeze skips. If these wires do go to a wired rain sensor and you’d like it to be part of the Rachio system (belt and suspenders), then one wire goes to S1 and the other wire goes to 24 VAC -. Don’t forget to set S1 to a rain sensor in the app.
  5. The red wire in P/MV goes to the Rachio M. That could be a master valve or a pump start relay. Also, set the appropriate option in Rachio.

Welcome to the community and have fun!

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It worked!! Thanks so much. The helpful community went a long way in convincing me about the product.