Hunter c connection help (solved)

Can you help me with connections to Change my hunter c pro to Rachio gen 3 ? I saw some forum topics but the wiring picture looks a bit different in each

I ended up connecting it this way and it didn’t work . Please help !

Your sensor doesn’t look plugged in. Is that intentional? Also in your OG wiring, what is the bottom connection labeled? Under all the red wiring? Is there a black cable there?

Also did you tell the Rachio you have a MV?

Couple things. Looks like you PMV is a black wire. Check where you landed that thing - it’s not right on the Rachio. Zone 2 in your old setup had two wires on the terminal. That’s probably what threw you off.

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Thank you ! That’s basically what I did wrong . I connected back one back to m in Rachio and it worked

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