Hunter 32 zone to Two 16 Rachio Iro's

Got a question. My 2 16’s are on the UPS truck. They’ll be here today. Will i have to split the common wire prior to connecting to each rachio? Any other wires?

I hope not having them linked together in some sort of virtual system isn’t going to be a pain in the butt… (which seriously, guys you need to enable). Fearful i’m going to be returning these to Amazon if they’re too much trouble.

Why is this important? its really important that under no circumstances both controllers go on at the same time as the water pressure will not be sufficient if two zones are operating at the same time.

@michaelwilde For wiring questions if you could take pictures and send to they will be able to answer.

You can create one account, and just have two registered devices. As long as you create the watering times correctly, there should not be issues of zone overlap.

Hope this helps.


Cool… just did.