How to use 2 devices

I have just purchased two gen 2 devices. I have a front yard and back yard that was just too much work to wire all together. So I purchased Rachio thinking I can use 2 separate devices on one account.

I want to use all the smart flex schedule without the 2 turning on the water at the same time

how do I do this?

We currently don’t support the concept of two physical controllers as one logical unit. It’s on our roadmap but won’t happen this year. You can use two separate devices on one account, but there are no guarantees the schedules won’t overlap unless you know when each schedule will start and end.


I know you’ve got much bigger issues right now than dealing with multiple clocks but I wonder if you have any advise on if setting the clocks (2) up on alternate days would work. I’m using flex and it seems like it might keep the clocks from running over each other and act like each clock just had different water restriction days. Flowers would be vulnerable in the heat of summer (Phoenix) but I could probably create a separate schedule for those zones.
Thanks for the help. I’m a new user and already hooked on flex (sorry). The water savings over the past few weeks is noticeable. Watching your company interact with users (some of them a little snarky) over the WAN issue has given me even more confidence that I made the right decision buying your clock. I’m guessing you didn’t expect all of the commotion but I know that you will figure it out and care for your customers properly.

That’s an interesting idea, maybe setting one up for odd days, and the other for even days? Interesting experiment if nothing else :wink: The only other approach would be making your start/end times would never overlap, which would become harder with the more zones you have.

Hope this helps, thanks for being part of the community.