How to turn off Rachio (versio 2>0)

Super! Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

I have exactly the same issue. I was told by Rachio that it was an electrical problem… but after rewiring the whole system and replacing all solenoids, it is clear that it is the unit. Now I was sent two separate units by Rachio - and none works. Final solution: I purchased a $45 USD timer-based system at Home Depot and the problem is fully resolved. I can’t return the Rachio system to Amazon now… since I took many days to troubleshoot it… so now I will have to directly claim.

@Mopi, this issue was a software defect within our remote control that was released with our 2.0 app in July 2015. The defect was resolved within days.

We stand behind our product and will buy it back from you if Amazon won’t allow you to return it. I’ll follow up with you via support with details.