How to select specific days for a schedule

I have a “main” schedule that waters all my zones on Sunday and Thursday. I set that up initially when I got my Rachio. I’m going out of town for a few days, so I lined up a bunch of our flower pots on the edge of our backyard deck. When I water the zone near the deck, it will water the flower pots. I set up a new schedule called “flower pots on deck”. I select the one zone. I went to set the interval, but I only see “every day”, “every 2 days”, “every 3 days” etc. I would like to set it to water on the days that the main schedule is not running. For example, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I see no way to actually pick days of the week (like I was able to pick for the main schedule. Any ideas?


Recreate the schedule and on the “When would you like to water?” screen select Specific Days. Then tap next and you can choose the days.


Interesting. I deleted the schedule I created and created a new one. This time it asked me a lot of different questions. I was able to specify the days I wanted. Thanks!

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