How to schedule in between two times

I’m watering every hour on one lawn that I’ve done some repair work and weed removal that’s been reseeded. How can I schedule to water every hour or two to keep the seed moist but not water throughout the night in to early morning?

@TurfGOD - how about configuring Manual Soak and Cycle for that schedule? Set up for the total amount of watering and then break it up with manual soak.

Even the toughest types of seeds such as Bentgrass, GN1 or even Tiffway only need 3 to 4 run times per day in order to keep moist. It is important to use a good topper or seed cover as well to help hold back evaporation and lock in the moisture.

You can run 2 soak and cycles for the same zone which will give you an adequate amount of water to keep the seeds moist and promote proper germination.

As soon as you see the first signs of sprouting, you can then add starter fertilizer which will give it a good boost.

What type of grass seed did you plant?

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I’ve seeded with a seed mix called Shasta Mix. It has perennial rye, creeping red rescue and turf type tall fescue. I’m not looking for advice on growing turf grass though. I got that handled.

I have a mulch covering over it and I have the irrigation come on for 2 minute cycles every 2 hours. I suppose I could change it to every 4 hours and lengthen the time on. It would be nice to be able to program a schedule with an actual on and off time.
I have it scheduled to not run after 8:00pm but as soon as midnight rolls around it starts back doing what it’s told to do. We need to be able to bookend the schedule with start and stop times.

Agreed. @mckynzee @mitchell

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