How to run zones simultaneously

I have a drip irrigation system on multiple zones. The zones can run simultaneously because they use relatively little water pressure. Can the Rachio 3 be set up to run the zones simultaneously?

Not within the software that I have seen. The other consideration is the power used by multiple valves. I have heard it can cause a “zone fault” thinking it is a short, drawing too much power.

@ohadar - what @Thomas_Lerman said is true. There is a 1,000 milliamp power budget to power the controller and any valves that are running. There can be three valves running at once if there is a master valve or pump start relay, then the current running zone and the next zone (assuming the reduce water hammer option is enabled).

Another consideration is that if the desired schedule is a Flex Daily schedule, instead of a Fixed schedule, then both zones need to have identical characteristics - otherwise one zone will be over or under watered.

Also, be sure the water flow and pressure is sufficient for all running zones.

All that being said, one can wire multiple solenoids into one terminal on the Rachio or one can use single pole single throw relays and an additional power supply to power multiple solenoids.

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My previous “dumb” irrigation controller ran both drip zones simultaneously for years with no problem. They were wired separately. Is my understanding correct that the Rachio app is not capable of doing this, and the only way is to redo the wiring?

@ohadar - correct

I would not say necessarily rewiring it, depending on what you are meaning exactly. It really depends on the draw of the current. If you know the amperage of each, you might be able to just electrically hook a couple of zones together as long as you are not using a master valve or pump. Obviously, another option that might not work so well depending on the placement of the valves would be to connect the zones together and disconnect the unused valve.