How To Recover from Offline Device while on Flexible Daily Schedule

I am on Flexible Daily.
It was set to water every day for… Oh the next several days. Hot and dry and sunny here.
This morning I got notification that it couldn’t run due to being offline. Must have been a blurp in service because it was now online. It appeared it wanted to skip today and not make up for the missed schedule, and would not run until tomorrow.
This was not okay, I really can’t have it skipping a day. I read other articles where it said to just leave it, that it will catch up… But, this makes me nervous, so I went ahead and created a new schedule to just run the zones this morning. After they ran, I then disabled the schedule.

Now, several hours later, Rachio is reporting that it will not run for the next couple of days.
So, originally it was going to run every day for about 4 days in a now, and now it wants to skip two days just because I manually ran it, and manually ran it over a schedule that was supposed to run anyway?


post a screenshot of your settings and your moisture level graph w/ the “More Details” expanded so we can see the numbers

Ok here’s screen shots… I wish the app would turn landscape for better screen shots so if I miss some of the detail that was pertinent, I apologize.

Next question would be, I’m concerned about missing the watering for today… Maybe I shouldn’t be, but Rachio had originally planned on watering every day. The only difference was that I ran manually 4 hours after the schedule was missed. The manual run was set for the same times for each zone that the flex schedule runs.

I’m uploading graphs and details for the first three zones.