How to recover an underwatered lawn


It does a great job of pulling out thatch. Haven’t tried it for scarifying/aeration yet, though. having to be attached to an electric cord is annoying, but tolerable since this is only something I have to do a couple times per year


I’m wasn’t familiar with the term scarifying, but in googling it, it seems like dethatching and scarifying are the same thing (removing thatch) and aeration is different (perforates lawn to allow water and nutrients into soil. Am I getting that wrong?


I think there are subtle differences. The dethatcher attachment looks like rake tines and just pulls things off the soil surface. The scarifying attachment is a set of blades and actually gets down into the soil (not quite as deep as a core aerator).


Yea, daconil doesn’t carry a turf label. I assume because the surficant is not tank stable, at least for me it is not…I have used it, I typically use a half bottle for 1500 feet, but I know I’m over treating, I have switched to a generic brand that has a turf label.

If you use daconil, be sure to shake your mix regularly. I’m not sure if it is because of my iron, growth regulator or a bad surficant but the mix settles too much after about 45 seconds


Can’t find the specifics for diluting for turfgrass use, but what would you recommend (not necessarily your “overtreating” dose, lol)? I’m seeing up to 1Tbs for veggies.


No less than 6 oz per 1000 foot.

I use .75 gallon of water per 1000 feet


Let’s talk fungicide first. If you look at university studies there are really just 3 fungicide with high control and cure - Heritage, Pillar and Headway. Headway contains Heritage plus another fungicide. Same with pillar it contains two new fungicides. The stuff at Home Depot. Don’t waste your money. Your best plan is deep core aeration in the fall, plus rewarding. Ride it out this summer. Yes those fungicides are expensive.


I’ve been following your plan B. Looks like the fungal infection is self-limited. Gonna be aggressive this fall with the aeration/seeding/top dressing. Thanks :blush:


That is great. You will have a great yard. My yard has been treated but it still looks pretty rough.


In all fairness, chrolothalanil is highly effective even though it effects only 1 biochemical site. I use it with thiophanate-methyl and it’s pretty robust


You are lucky if you get success with that fungicide. Go online and look at various fungicide studies. It is interesting. Granted, products like Heritage, Pillar and headway are expensive, but they work. I do 3 applications a summer, so it comes out to about 25.00 per application.


As a foliar spray it’s very effective for me. It’s junk systemically.