How to prioritize zones w/ before sunrise option

I have been playing around with the watering before sunrise on my zones. How can I prioritize my schedule so that my grass schedule runs the last right before sunrise and not at like 1 AM. I am sure the answer is out there but I just haven’t had time to research it so any quick answers would be great thank you.

Why are you concerned about your drop watering st night before sunrise? There really isn’t much concern for evaporation with drip…

I agree with @tmcgahey. I run my drip schedule at 10am.

Second. Trees on my drip are OK so long as they get water before the heat of the day. So I do it by required end time — around 10:30 or 11:00. I prefer my stone fruits to get watered first so I set end time to 10:30 and citrus to 11:00. So if all my zones (each on their own schedule!) needs water the same day, stone fruits get watered very early morning, then the lawn waters to end by 0630 and then the citrus get watered to end by 11:00am. Very slick that the schedules work around each other, trying their best to meet my end watering-by criteria. I don’t use water before sun rise since that means lawn sprinklers may be on while the morning routine is happening (showers).

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