How To Pick A Solenoid For Legacy 1954 Sprinkler System

We have a 1954 sprinkler system - how do we tell which kind of solenoid we need to buy to make our new Rachio box work with the old sprinkler system?

Post some pictures of your existing controller, solenoids and brand. I’d be interested in seeing that no matter what. You’ve got some museum material on your hands!

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There were only about three irrigation manufacturer then - Febco, Buckner and possibly Rain Bird. Thete are many other extinct companies. It would be a miracle to have a valve to last this long. Do you have wires? What brand are the valves? More than likely you will need to install new valves; however, all brands of electric valves are compatible with Rachio. If these valves do not work and are from 1954, repair parts will not be available. The two oldest companies with repair parts from the 1960s are Toro and Weathermatic. RainBird does not have repair parts that old. Interested to see what you have.