How to hide unused zones?


I have several unused zones in my app (I have 6 zones, so 10 unused). And when I go into the irrigation schedule, it sorts them as Shrubs, Warm Season Grass, all the disabled zones, and then Cool Season Grass. Is there some way of hiding the disabled zones, or moving them to the end of the list? Otherwise I tend to forget about the cool season grass zones, since they are off the page.

I am on Android and when I tap “Irrigation” at the bottom and the “Zone” tab on the top is selected, I see a “Show Disabled” (or “Hide” if they are showing) button in the center just above the bottom. It this the place you are talking about?

No, that part is fine. It’s when I go into the “Create Schedule” tab that it insists on showing me all the available zones, including the disabled ones.

It has been a while since I have created a schedule that I forgot about that location. I do not know of a way to hide/rearrange those.

I don’t know whether there is a way to hide disabled zones, but if you hold the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel to shrink the scale factor, you should be able to see all with no problem.

Edit: It is unfortunate that the Rachio designers always seem to value form over substance.
I’m no graphic artist, but it seems obvious that a page with only 16 names and associated checkboxes should be formatted such that it fits in nearly all window sizes without scrolling. For example, an 8 x 2 array, with slightly less vertical space between the zones, would fit in a window 768 pixels high, which I believe would include 95%+ of all browser setups.