How to force Iro to make a seasonal adjustment on a new schedule?

I first installed and setup the Iro back in early-to-mid June. On July 6, the system notified me it was making a seasonal adjustment to my schedule, where I think it increased the watering times by about 11%. So far so good…

Then I noticed that one area of my yard was kind of drying out, and took a closer look at the watering times. For some unknown reason, it was watering zone 4 in my schedule for less than half the time it was watering any other zone, even though I had zone 4 setup identical to at least one other zone. It took several emails to support before I got someone who said that they see there was some “glitch” in the system that affected that one zone, and that the best way to correct this was to delete my entire scheduled, and then program a new schedule from scratch. So I did this, and sure enough, it did seem to fix the issue with zone 4 running for too short a time, as it now exactly matched the other identical zone.

But what I had expected to happen at some point (and which the support person said would automatically happen about a week after setting up the new schedule) was that a seasonal adjustment would be applied to my new schedule, just as it was to my original schedule. Yet, it’s now been over a week since I setup the new schedule and I have not seen the system apply the expected seasonal adjustment to it. So I’m a little concerned, and not sure what I should do here, if anything. I know I could manually add a seasonal adjustment of 11% myself (though I only see how to do that through the iPhone app, I see no such ability via the web app??). But I’m worried that my manually doing this might then confuse or prevent the system from making future adjustments automatically?

And I’m not even sure a seasonal adjustment is needed…I don’t know if the Iro and app somehow knew to already include the seasonal adjustment into my new schedule, simply because of when I was creating it, or if it always just starts with a default watering time in a new schedule based on all the sprinkler/soil/sun parameters, and then still needs the seasonal adjustments applied later.

Anyway, I’d like to know how to proceed here…should I manually apply an 11% seasonal adjustment to my current schedule, similar to what the system automatically did back in early July to my original schedule? Or did the system really already include that adjustment when it setup watering times under my new schedule? Or will the Iro yet make the seasonal adjustment on it’s own at some point here?


Annnnndddd…before anyone could even reply to this post, I suddenly get a Seasonal Adjustment email, saying a new adjustment has been made! So whether that was a result of my posting this topic, or just pure coincidence, I have no idea…

HOWEVER, the email I got seems to indicate something very strange…here’s what it says:

"Since your last adjustment, your seasonal temperature has changed from a range of 57-85°F to a range of 58-86°F, and the average daily rainfall has not changed. These and other seasonal changes (length of day, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed, etc.) affect evapotranspiration.

This week’s incremental adjustment was -2.04%. Previous trending adjustment was 0.0%. New total seasonal adjustment is -2.04% (previous adjustment + weekly adjustment = new total) (0.0% + -2.04% = -2.04%)."

So explain this to me…if the temperature has actually gone UP since my “last adjustment” (whatever that is…I assume it is just my having created the new watering schedule), then why has the adjustment REDUCED my watering time??? If the temperature has gone up, wouldn’t I expect to see an adjustment that INCREASED my watering time??

This makes no sense to me, so now I’m really confused…although the system did finally apply a seasonal adjustment to the new schedule I created a week or so ago, the adjustment seems to have taken the watering time in the opposite direction I would have expected it to?