How to evaluate Personal Weather Stations?

Currently I am using the National Weather Service station at the John Wayne Airport. But I suspect it does not really represent my local conditions, specially with respect to rain. KSNA reports 1.5 inches of rain for yesterday a (more) local golf course reported 2 inches (and is closed.) Googling the rainfall for Huntington Beach where I live also gives 2 inches.

The station is 5.5 miles away and there are much closer personal weather stations listed by the Iro app. So far I have not selected one of them because of the warning about possible accuracy. So how do I evaluate a station to decide if it is reliable?

I’d really like to use the golf course data, but the station is WeatheLink and I don’t know how to integrate it with Iro.

Best way to evaluate your local station is to verify their temp. is same in your area, provided you have a out door temp monitor around your home.
Other is, station precipitation details that match your areas rain and humidity.
I am in Sydney Australia and Sydney weather station info is always wrong compared to my area ( Sydney is huge) and after experimenting my local stations now I have chosen local one that is 0.5 km from my home.

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I am have decided to set up my own PWS. Found the Acurite system on sale and with their internet bridge, you are supposed to be able to set up a PWS on Weather Underground All for under $200. Fairly low one-time investment. I believe there are other articles in the support area that show how to set up with Acurite. Will see how it goes.

Just an additional note, we don’t currently support a direct integration with WU. We are looking at other PWS services in the future. We currently support

Here is some more information regarding Rachio <> PWS integration.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!


Yep was just reading further notes. Looks like I will purchase the DL505L and MeteoBridge software as well. And found it for $12.95 on ebay
I think the MeteoBridge is still about $75. So complete system now still under $300.

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It’ll be nice if there was one PWS directory. The WU PWS network and stations in appear to be disjoint.

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