How to connect Rachio 3 and Rain Bird MJ100B Flow Meter?

I just had irrigation installed and I had the MJ100B flow meter installed and I am wondering a couple things:

  1. Is this even compatible?
  2. What terminals would I use for the connections?

@tf0913 - Here is the support article that lists compatible wired flow meters ->

I don’t know if the K-Factor would align with one of the supported ones:

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I’m not sure if there’s a list of these anywhere that I could find?

@MeterManSays has done a great job testing existing support for wired flow meters here:

Alas, there doesn’t appear to be a perfect / close match. My best recommendation is trying to use it as a Flowmec QS200-10 since that too has 0 offset. Issue is that the readings you will get will be 11.14 times lower than they should be, as in rachio will think the flow rate is 0.9 GPM instead of 10 as an example, but it may be enough to use the meter as a leak detection (can’t grantee).

@franz can your team add support for a new meter?

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Hi, I have a Rainbird MJ100B flow meter in the ground that is working w another irrigation system.
I’m testing the Rachio 3, and it appears Rachio is only supporting Hall Effect sensors, not Reed Switch based sensors like the MJ100B. Is this correct?
I can build an interface circuit if needed, but need the electrical specs/waveform characteristics that Rachio expects, does anyone know ?
thx, Wade