How to connect just a valve

I do not use a pump but rather just a valve that I need to open and close using the rachio. In my original installation I just connect the two red wires from my valve to the pump connector and the other to the common wire connector. Would I do the same with the rachio, i.e. red to blue connector and the other red to the white connector.

Also how do I connect the wires to the connectors. Do I push the wire in and it locks or place the wire into the hole and push down on the connector.

Hi @tcsempire, good evening, thanks for reaching out.

Assuming you only have one valve and no pump, I would connect one red wire to either white common terminal and another red wire to the green zone 1 terminal. For reference, please see the Iro wiring guide.

I always recommend pushing in the square tab with the diagonal line when you insert and/or remove a wire. This will allow you to easily enter and remove the wire(s) without resistance from the internal mechanism that puts pressure on wire.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

Thank you, both responses solved my issues.

@tcsempire, awesome! Happy to help :smile: