How to choose total watering time

Ok, total NOOB question, but I’m a little confused.

When setting up my schedule, using either the monthly or daily flexible schedule, it prompts me to enter total watering time. The default value seems super low: each zone is only watering for 12 minutes. Did it calculate this number based on the soil/slope type, or should I up the total watering time to get the per-zone times more in line with what I’ve had them on a manual controller?

The time it proposes is what it recommends based on the plant type, precipitation rate, and root depth settings for the zone. Whether that is sufficient or not will depend on how accurate those settings are. Likewise the actual time you need will depend on the type of vegetation in the zones you have and how much water you are putting down. If you’d like to get those accurate you can do some research or provide some more info here and people can give you tips. Or you can try to wing it and closely monitor your plants for signs of stress and adjust accordingly

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