How to change a zone's number after moving wires?

One of the wire holders on our 16 Zone 2nd Gen Controller is damaged, so I had to rearrange the wires. All our zones were already set up and scheduled. How do I take some of the existing zones and change their numbers to mach the rewiring? I don’t want to redo them all, which would take a while – renaming, redoing photos, inputting all the data, redoing the schedules (not to mention having to go through every zone starting to run and having to wait and stop each to cycle through the whole Setup Wizard). All I want to do is shift existing zones over one number to mach the wires I had to shift over.

How do I do this without having to start from scratch?


@Glenno, at this time we do not support overriding zones in the app with their respective terminal on the controller. It’s an interesting idea to consider as it would be useful for a user in your situation.

How many wires did you rearrange? The easiest solution would be to just move the wires for the damaged terminals to unused terminals and leave all of the other wiring as is; i.e. if you have 10 zones and terminals 5 & 9 were damaged, move 5 & 9 to terminals 11 & 12 – then you can easily recreate zones 5 & 9 in zones 11 & 12. Do you happen to have wiring photos to reference? If you need help recreating a few zones, please send the support team an email ( referencing this post and they’d be happy to help.


Add me to the list of attempting to change zones. I installed the rachio outdoor closure where my old manual controller was. The valve wires were 2" too short to reach the 1-8 zone strip. So I wired them to the zone 9-16 strip (9,10,11). The controller was previously programmed (when inside the home) to zones 1, 2,3. New to rachio, I am two for two on not being able edit the program. Having to delete & reprogram is a poor choice. It is a great controller, much more flexible than my previous one.

Hey @radiodaveaz -
I’m a little confused what you are trying to do. Are you trying to take an existing schedule and apply it to zones 9-11 since you rewired?

I moved the controller from a temporary location to one where an old controller was located.
The wires from the valves for that controller were too short (2"). They reached the 9-16 terminals.
So I wanted to change the program to run the programs from Zones 1,2,3 to 9,10, &11.
I ended up deleting all three schedules, disabling the Zones 1,2 & 3. Then creating new Zones for 9,10 & 11 with new scheules. It is now opeartional. Thanks, Dave

@radiodaveaz Next time, you should be able to just change the zones involved in a schedule if you select the schedule and then select zones. Just make sure the zones you want to switch to are enabled before you go to edit!

I would also like to be able to edit a zone and change its associated output on the controller. Upgrading from a rachio2 to Rachio3 and I have to move some zones from damaged outputs on the R2, would rather not have to redo them all.