How to cancel a running schedule

Simple question. I have a 5 minute per zone schedule setup for watering after I put down fertilizer. If I manually kick off that schedule, is there a way to kill it (stop it from running), like if I accidentally started it and changed my mind? Is there a button to do that? I’ve been googling it but can’t find it.


Hey @alfredoj-

There is a way to stop a schedule or manual run in the app! If you click on the activity feed tab on the bottom of the screen (second closest icon to the left), whatever schedule is currently running is displayed at the top of that screen. There you have the option to stop whatever is running. Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

McKynzee :rachio:


I hope some of the new layouts I saw in the user feedback sessions I was in make it in, they felt way more intuitive for this process.

That worked. Looks like you can also click on the little “remote” icon, and stop it from in there.

Thanks for the help!



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