How to access nozzle in WEB app?

I was considering changing some sprinkler nozzles and wanted to compare the precipitation with my custom nozzle with the potential candidates. Naturally I didn’t remember what I had determined so went to find out using the WEB app. Can’t for the like of me find the nozzles there. Finding in the Android app is no problem, but shouldn’t these things be available universally?

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I agree with you, @sbillard. It’s odd that you can change the nozzle on the WEB app, but you have no idea what rate the nozzle is that you are selecting. Sure would be nice if it showed there!

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@sbillard Are you unable to select different nozzles, or unable to see the rate of the custom nozzles?
@Linn - Agreed, being able to see the rate would be helpful! I will make sure to get this to the tech team.

McKynzee :rachio:

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I cannot see the details of any nozzle with the WEB app.

Consistency is key! I’d like to see the precipitation rates for all the default nozzle choices on any platform. For my custom nozzles, I throw in their precipitation rates into the name I give them.

@wx16 Agreed! I am going to change this thread to product suggestions so it can get logged in correctly. For now, adding the precipitation rates into the name is a great idea. However, I agree it should absolutely be consistent between platforms.