How much time watering

I’m still learning about the Rachio controller and I’m wondering how much time do I need to set for watering. I’m currently using the Monthly Flexible schedule, the watering time is auto adjusted or do I need to define it?

@fpuig, welcome! Thank you for joining the Rachio community :slight_smile:

The Rachio controller will recommend watering durations for each of your zones using the information provided about each zone. For more information on how it does this, please see this support article & video.

Flex Monthly schedules will auto adjust your watering durations and intervals on a monthly basis. Here’s a good FAQ on Flex Monthly schedules – let me know if it helps explain how the schedule works. Expect to see a Seasonal Shift email the first week of each month with an update of the changes made to each zone.

Hope this helps!


Seasonal Shifr Email? I don’t ever recall getting one. Is this new?

@BeBeep405, looks like you’re using a Flex Daily schedule – only Fixed and Flex Monthly schedules receive Seasonal Shift emails; your schedule is constantly updating :slight_smile: