How Much Time is Required for a Flex Schedule Change to Show Up in Soil Moisture Numbers?

I’m using flex scheduling exclusively. I think this is the market separator for residential sprinkler control products for Rachio versus the rest.

I’m testing to clearly understand what the impact is of changing zone watering sensitivity (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2).

When I change this value, for one zone, from 0 to +2, how long should it take to reflect the change in the root moisture numbers?

Is there some kind of in-the-cloud batch process such that a change to this value does not get reflected right away into soil moisture numbers?

Do the soil moisture numbers always assume 0, but the controller actually puts down +1 or +2 or -1 or -2 amount of water?

What change in the soil moisture numbers should I observe?

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Are you talking about the water duration adjustment?

If yes, those durations take affect immediately.


Yes, I’m focused on ‘water duration adjustment.’

I think I figured it out:

This is an adjustment that does not affect the soil moisture ‘banking system.’ I.e., the soil moisture numbers assume ‘water duration adjustment’ is at zero.

If one sets ‘water duration adjustment’ for a zone to other than zero, more water, or less water, will actually be put down that what is reflected in the soil moisture numbers.

As I increasingly understand the principles of ET controllers, if I’m correct, this makes sense. (And is one of the few ways to put down more or less water than what’s called for in the soil moisture numbers.)

I think ideally, customers would be so perfect in their soil, plantings and irrigation characteristics that they wouldn’t use ‘water duration adjustment.’ As I survey my property it’s obvious I’m not smart enough (yet) to accurately identify exact settings I need. I’m lacking irrigation in some areas - it’s pretty obvious. Thus, I’ll use increased ‘water duration adjustment’ as an immediate adjustment ‘knob’ while continuing to search for the correct knobs. With success I’ll put the adjustment knob back to zero.

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