How much precipitation is required to delay a watering?

Yesterday, we had a fairly heavy rain in Austin, TX, and there was more rain forecast for today. Yet, this morning, my Rachio system watered the grass (which was saturated). Not only did it water the grass, but it had increased the watering time from what I had originally set (I assume because it is summer). A tremendous waste of water.

How does Rachio decide when to delay a watering?

im pretty sure the setting is on the schedule. there is a precipitation indicator that is in inches. you must accumulate or have forecast that much precipitation (with 24 hours?) before the schedule is skipped.

someone from rachio will set me straight here, im just telling you what i “think” i have observed.

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If you email they can also help ensure that your watering time is setup correctly.

If you have PWS enabled, and it isn’t yours, I would disable that.


@cmlawrence, were you able to connect with our support team to review your account? I checked your account fast using your email and saw the following notification from yesterday morning “PWS_[NAME] observed 0.0 in and predicted 0.1 in of precipitation and the total threshold is 0.125 in”.

I’d recommend we disable the PWS toggle and use a NWS until our v2.0 release, which we’re adding the ability to set Preferred Weather Stations. Also, the v2.0 of our software will help adjust the frequency of watering to adjust for rain storms to avoid these exact situations from happening.

Hope this helps :smile:

The problem is, the “national” stations (at least around here) are pretty far from my house, and they don’t seem to show much precip). I have picked a PWS close to my home that seems more like what I’m seeing. I would prefer to use a “real” weather station if I could :slight_smile:

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Seems like the network of personal weather stations that are trustworthy is growing, which is good news for us :grin: