How Many Zones

We just purchased a home from the bank, previous owner stripped the house including the sprinkler controller, so I have no idea what brand the previous controller was. One person stated that I have 8 zones, how do I know this. I have 3 bunches of colored wire coming through PVC pipe into the garage. I am currently looking to purchase the Rachio 3 WiFi Smart Alarm, but I need to know how many zones I have before the purchase. The second question, I live in rural area, so everything is either dish or WiFi, so I am limited on bandwidth, is this the controller that I should go with?


Somewhere there should be a valve box. Maybe elsewhere too. I’d count the number of valves and that’s how many zones you have. Others on this community may have better ideas. Being rural, irrigation could get complicated such as dealing with pumps. Maybe there will be a master valve or indexing valve. Definitely need to figure all this stuff out so you know what will work. Counting the wires coming into the garage may not help since sprinkler wire comes in bundles of sheathed wires and not all of them may be in use.

I can’t speak to bandwidth usage of Rachio but it should be low. It definitely would prefer solid connectivity and a strong wifi signal.

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That is true,. we have two wells and two pump, I have been told that the second pump was used specifically for the sprinkler system, there is also 120V line that turned on the pump when the sprinkler system was being used.

Definitely search these forums for well pump to see how that can work. It’s fairly common.

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thanks, it is a start