How is water usage calculated?

I just installed a new Iro to control three zones of drip irrigation. After two watering days, I notice that the app reports I’ve used 1,713 gallons of water this month. I have to think the actual amount is far less than that.

How is this calculated? During zone setup I specified that emitters were used. Is some assumption made about how many emitters are in each zone? What is the best way to fine-tune this?

We estimate usage by using the nozzle type selected (in./hr) and square footage of each zone. The default is 1000 sq. ft. This can be modified in advanced zone settings.

This article explains how we estimate in more detail:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.



@Frank626, we can reset your reported gallons if you’d like. If so, please email the support team ( and they will get it taken care of for you.