How does the flow sensor work for Gen2?


@eb1326, we won’t be adding any additional flow sensors to our current supported flow sensors for the 2017 watering season. [quote=“eb1326, post:98, topic:2754”]
I don’t see why this sensor wouldn’t work. It will easily handle 100psi, it’s $15, has a pulsing output from a hall effect sensor, and is for 3/4" pipe.

After a quick review of this sensor, I wouldn’t recommend it for the following reasons:

  • It’s not outdoor rated
  • The rotor usually results in pressure loss and can get clogged if there’s debris in the water.
  • The electrical specs aren’t clear

What’s your budget for a flow sensor? I can reach out to some of our partners to see if we can help you find a more affordable option. I’m 95% certain we won’t be able to find anything for less than $200.


Would be interested


@emil - I’m interested too. I want to install one but the ones on the supported list are too expensive.


@emil - I’m about to buy a sensor, did you find any other “affordable option” ?



So, @emil, please tell what sensor would I need to choose in Rachio setup screen to work with Hunter HFS sensor in 1" tee? Would it work if configured as “Toro TFS-100” ?


@fpuig, last time I checked, a few of the flow sensors on our list could be purchased from a wholesaler for ~$200.

We are no longer compatible with the Hunter HFS sensor as it’s proprietary to be compatible with specific Hunter controllers.


@ngant17 - Wow the iMonnit system is very expensive… Maybe great for commercial, but I think we can do better for personal use.

What I had in mind, is using our patent meter lid technology, and instead of putting one transmitter like we use for the city meters, make an option for 2-4 so we could connect up to 4 flow sensors. I found a solution for the additional power, we have a few units out in the field for testing.

I would love to integrate it in with Rachio, still waiting on hearing from them… hint…hint… Most important aspect is to keep the cost down, like under $100 for each zone. That would include the flow sensors, plug-n-play transmitters, and data logger to send the data to the cloud so end users can access anywhere.

What is your thoughts on the price structure, and would anyone like to also be included in the beta testing?


I, too, want a flow meter to alert me quickly to a leak. This would be a great feature.


The Hunter Hydrawise alerts for leaks and broken wiring issues. The flow meter street cost is $120


The 3rd party “Hunter Hydrawise water meter”, not just flow sensor, is <$90 (3/4") $100 (1") street price and should be a far better option than the far more expensive 3rd party flow sensors currently recommended for the Gen2 Rachio.

Are there any plans to integrate an actual water meter into the Rachio Gen2?

Cash flow & time are both tight, I purchased the Rachio Gen2, bypassing Gen1:
(1) partly because of inadequate research

(I generally strongly the Hunter irrigation products, had missed the Hunter HC-1200i, yet, in retrospect, wanted more zones for future flexibility (currently using only 6) & did not really need the LCD display)

(2) was wary of the Hunter charges for web access in which the no charge plans severely limits both weather integration and the number of users.


I installed a flow sensor TF-075 fitted on top of a 3/4 pipe which feeds water to our irrigation system. I added it to rachio app. Beyond this, I am not sure what to do. I have seen mails in this alias about comparison between Rachio water reporting and Toro sensor but I don’t know how to see the water reporting in Rachio from Toro sensor. I did not see any instructions or did I miss it?


currently, it is lack luster. you can kind of see it in the usage graph, it will show a much more accurate number for gallons used.

hopefully we will get more detailed telemetry from the sensor in future versions.


Fair points for a wholesale solution. However, there are no other cheap non-rotor options available? Users with a tap water connection and not living in Siberia won’t have more options? I’m not educated in flow sensors, but it is strange that this alert function cannot come at a reasonable price…


Hi, I need to replace my system, it’s GreenIQ system and théy stop servers.
I have a flow sensor type: GIQ-EU80-00 GREENIQ - 3/4"
Do you think i can conserve it?
Sorry at all for my bad english i’m french guy!