How does the flow sensor work for Gen2?


No, buy the sensor that supports the flow rate you need and neck it up or down.

Remember to look at the directions, most of these need a certain amount of run of pipe before and after the sensor/


Just an FYI, flow sensor code is now running in production. Looking great! Real time usage into your reports :wink:

Some older units might need our latest firmware, if you want to make sure you have the latest firmware just PM me your username and we can look it up.



Any plans to add additional sensors to the compatibility list? The options supported so far seem both expensive and extremely limited when it comes to measuring small flows for drip lines.


@ct434 Sure, all we need is the KFactor, Offset, make/model and we can add it dynamically to the list.



Agree - looking for a low cost sensor. anyone find any good ones?


I hope to install my sensor any weekend now, just been busy


@franz has Rachio considered building a flow sensor to lower the cost of entry?


@ghctim Awesome idea, can’t speak to our hardware roadmap :wink:



This might be working in production but not in the field. I was hoping for accurate flow rate measurements with sensor but I was sadly mistaken. I have tested my sensor and it does not work. I have been told that if the system does not see flow with sensor it will estimate flow. Now what good does that do? In doing this one would never know if pipes are leaking. Do not wast your money on flow sensor, they have a lot of work to do to get this one right.


We are still beta testing with different flow sensors.

I assure you after we are finished testing, all of the different sensors will be fully supported.

We’ve just purchased the sensor you are using and in the next couple of days hope to have fully accurate readings.

Thanks for your patience.



It is not just sensor type that has me dismayed. It is the methodology of using estimates combined with actual flow rate. in doing this you have no idea when you are reading just an estimate. If you really want to use your estimate, I would suggest a separate reading for actual flow.


If there is an attached flow sensor, we will not use estimates, only the frequency readings from the sensor.



You are doing it on mine currently and this is how I learned of this from your support team.


Sorry if there is any confusion, but that is not the case.

If you’d like to discuss this please PM me and I’d be happy to fully explain this through email or phone.



Please do, because the confusion is not on my part.


Just sent you my phone number, you can call me when you are free.


I installed my flow sensor last week (Hunter FCT-100 & HFS Flow Sensor) with a Gen 2 16 zone controller.

For April, it is showing a run time of 20 minutes and 362,507 gallons used. This is clearly wrong, so maybe this data just needs to be wiped out.

For May, it is showing a run time of 12 minutes with 253 gallons used (so far). This data appears to be based on an estimated calculation, (12 min * 2inches/hr * 1000 sqft) / 96.5 = 248 gallons, which is really close to 253 gallons.

Since I have a flow sensor connected, how can I tell if I am getting data from the flow sensor instead of receiving an estimate?


@mcbush I’ve had our firmware engineer @Devin checkout out your flow information. Something does seem off with the flow measurement we are receiving. That flow meter will be in our office Thursday and we will be running diagnostics to determine what the issue is. We can also reset your water usage so I wouldn’t worry about that :wink:



I ran an additional test to help determine where the water usage is coming from.

I ran a zone for 5 min with the default area of 1000 sq ft. This test run reported 104 gallons used.

I changed the area for this same zone to 500 sq ft, then ran it again for 5 min. This test run reported 51 gallons used.

If this water usage was coming from the flow sensor, the water used should have been roughly the same. Since the area was reduced by 1/2 and the water usage also dropped by 1/2, I must be getting this water usage from an estimate and not the flow sensor. I hope this helps.


Thanks @mcbush, we are receiving that sensor today, and will know more in the next couple of days as to what the issues are. We will keep you up-to-date with findings!