How does Skip button work?

My sprinkler runs on Wednesday and Saturday. My yard is still muddy. I want to force my Rachio to skip tomorrow (I am writing this Friday night). In the app I clicked on the “Skip” button. I now see “Manual Skip” with a water drop with a line through it. Does this mean it will not water tomorrow morning? Will it reset after tomorrow? (the Skip button that is).


Yes it means it will not run tomorrow. Tomorrow it should be back on the schedule. If you go to Schedule, you should see the next scheduled water day.


So just to be sure, will “Skip” skip the next watering day? If today is Sunday and I water on Saturday and Wednesday, will it skip the “next” watering day (i.e. Wednesday)?


In your scenario, Wednesday would be skipped. One way to know is the day/date is right above the next scheduled run (see attached). Worse case just try it. You can always start a manual run.