How does Rachio handle insufficient hours in a day?

Still trying to make the decision on which controller to buy. I own 2 Gen 1 units (bought them over a year ago but did not try to install until last night), but can’t get them to Blink (for another post I suppose). Thinking of buying some Gen 2 units or a competitor. So here is the scenario I’m curious about.

Let’s say watering restrictions allow two watering days a week with no watering allowed 10AM - 6 PM. So a total of 16 hours in a day. I have 22 zones. I would allow a controller the controller with 16 to operate in the 12 AM - 10 AM window and put the other controller in the evening window. To make the example simple, let’s say each zone runs 1 hour. So I have 22 hours of irrigation to be accomplished in 16 hours when restrictions are in effect. Will the controller understand some zones were underwatered on day 1 and give them preferential treatment on the next watering day?

@mry110, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting your Generation 1 controllers to BlinkUp. I’d recommend reviewing this support article. If you’re still having troubles, please contact support at 844-472-2446 or

At this time, we do not offer prioritized watering for restrictions. You’ll need to create watering schedules that comply to your local restrictions.

Do you have any drip zones? Sometimes drip zones can be watered outside of the restriction hours. Alternatively, perhaps you could water some zones less than 1 hour per day? If you could water each zone for 45 minutes, this would total 12 hours for 16 zones.

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