How do you change the API key?

My local fire department has some kid working on means to engage sprinklers to saturate areas in case of wild fires. This sounds great.

I want to participate in the proof of concept test but I when the test is done I want to rotate my API key to block access to my system until a more formal process is put into place.

So I see how to get my API key, but how to do you change it?

Best way is to ask the kid to create a rachio account (or create one for him under a different email), and give that account (via it’s email address) a full access for the duration of the test. The kid will be able to access your controller & any others who share their access, via his (or secondary account you’ve created) account’s API key (you don’t have to give him yours). If you ever wish to revoke his access, simply remove his account from the list of users with whom you share full access.

If you’ve already shared your API, and wish to change it. You’ll have to contact Rachio support.

Giving someone full access and sharing API is essentially the same thing. To some degree, sharing your API is even worse as it potentially gives access to APIs normally not exposed via the full account sharing.

Okay, great. So it follows a traditional AAA model. I read some where the API keys were tied to hardware which gave me pause.