How do I tell it to skip next cycle?

We’ve been getting a lot of rain and my system still watered this morning. In the log it said it was because it was below the threshold so I lowered the threshold on my system.

Is there a way I can just tell it to “skip next cycle” or “turn off until wednesday”?

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I was looking into add a rain sensor but the reviews aren’t inspiring. People talking about how they dry out too quickly.

I feel if I could just click a button that says “skip next cycle” or “reducing watering time on next cycle by 50%” that would solve my problem.

@teamlouish Can you reach out to They can review your watering time(s) and make sure you have the correct settings and are using an appropriate weather station for the weather intelligence functionality (rain delay)

In the mobile app, it is a one tap to set a rain delay. Just tap on the cloud icon, lower right hand corner on the main dashboard screen with the Iro. There, you can set a rain delay for 1-7 days.

Hope that helps.


I too was looking for this feature. Sometimes the rain we get really soaks our little patch of grass and even though my rain sensor is dried out and it wasn’t a lot of rain in terms of inches I just want to skip the next cycle. Right now I have to put it to sleep to accomplish this. Thanks!

@jridgley & @teamlouish, just checking in – have your concerns been addressed or still need help?

For more information on this feature, please see our Manual Rain Delay support article.

Hope this helps. Please email our support team [] if you need us to review your accounts in detail.

Best, Emil