How do i stop a schedule that has started?

I love the fact i can skip a schedule in advance.
But what if it has started, and I want to cancel it. I seem only to be able to pause it for up to an hour. Is there the option to cancel (skip) a schedule that has started?

If would like to manually skip a schedule that is due to run, this can be done easily from the home tab of your rachio app.

1-Home tab
When on the home screen, underneath the calendar, you can see last run and next run of your schedules

2 - skip this run

Click on the next run and find the schedule that you’d like to skip and click the button that says skip this run your schedule will now be skipped and will show a new run button. You can hit the button if you’d like to reenable the schedule.

You can even click on the stop button on the rachio app and that will stop the schedule from running