How do I know if my flow sensor is working properly?

I had a CST FSI-T10-001 professionally installed yesterday and have it all setup in the Rachio software. Question is… how do I know if its working/reporting properly?

Also curious as to how/if the estimated data from before two days and before plays with the new, actual data from yesterday forward.

Hi, I installed the exact same sensor a few days ago and had the exact same question. At this moment, there is no direct way to know from the Rachio GUI that your flow sensor is operational.

One way to know without calling / emailing Rachio is by comparing the water usage reported by the Rachio GUI against the utility company’s water meter. Of course, you would want no other water usage in the house during this test.

@RAG & @Waterboy (love the name!)

Apologies for any confusion on this feature. We’ll need to improve the support article to better explain how the flow sensor data is displayed in the Rachio app. At this time, it simply overrides the estimated gallon reports. We’re exploring ways to better display this data in the Rachio app. We’re always open to ideas if you have any you’d like to share.


Next week I’ll have @Devin and @brad verify everything is working properly.


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Thx for quick responses and as usual, amazing customer support.



I can confirm that the flow sensor data your Controller is sending up looks sane.

Some references from your Zones over the last 3 days

Zone 1: 16.5 GPM
Zone 6 : 9.1 GPM
Zone 10: 9.4 GPM

If these values seem accurate to you (in the sense that Zone 1 should be drawing more water than Zone 6 and Zone 10) then I would say the sensor is working correctly.

If you have any other questions let us know!


Seems about right to me. Is there an EASY way for me to see this type of info or do I need a higher order mathematical degree to infer these #s?

I installed a Toro TFS-075 flow sensor nearly two months ago. To test its accuracy I cut one of my 1/2" drip irrigation pipe downstream of the control valve, upstream of any emitters, and used it like a hose to fill (and re-fill) a couple of 5 gallon buckets. With the my phone in hand and the app open I initiated the controller for 1 minute and filled as many 5 gallon buckets as I could (emptying the full bucket with one hand while simultaneously filling the other). When I was done I compared my actual results with those recorded by the Rachio. Pretty close! My assumption was that the delta would get tighter the longer the system would run (there is plenty of room for error in a 1 minute test). With the test complete I coupled the 1/2" pipe back together. I also performed a limited run test on my lawn rotary sprinklers to check Rachio’s flow sensor data with the theoretical (calculated) volume. I had recently changed the nozzels on each rotary head so I knew the theoretical flow rate (GPM) of each head so it was easy to calculate the total volume based on the run time and the number of heads (3 in my case) using the nozzle flow rate for each head (3 GPM, 6 GPM, 3 GPM).

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The flowrate data isn’t exposed yet in the app. I’m hoping we can get that out soon, but I don’t have a timeline. Definitely let us know if we can help in the meantime or if anything looks fishy.


Is flow rate data still not exposed in the App? I thought this feature was going to be available when I purchased my Rachio back in the spring and had the sensor added to my irrigation system. Now 9 months later, it seems that its still not supported and I can’t find a commitment when it will be anywhere.


If a flow sensor is connected we will show actual water usage in your reports.

Is there a different metric you were looking for?