How do I just manually start the system?

I have my stations programmed and times set up.

Now I want to just tell it to start. Manual start I guess. I haven’t found this on the app screen yet.

Also looking for an emergency stop. Is this the “standby mode” under device settings?

@civdiv9999 - on the iOS app at the bottom of the screen in the middle there is a bigger blue icon with two curved bars over it - that would be the remote control. When you select that icon you can choose one or all zones and how many minutes you want each to water. Once you move the duration setting off 0 minutes a green Run Now box will show up. Press that and watch the water fly.

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The current manual control is bobo as hell, hopefully the new release coming addresses it. I almost always end up running everyzone on accident.

Plus if your hands are wet it plays hell with the touch interface and I preform unintended manual runs.

An emergency stop can be found in the activity log for the schedule if it is running but the 2 times I have needed it I was in panic and just put the system in standby.

The geyser in my front yard, “old costful”, always induces panic for me…