How do I get rid of the "kustomer" overlay in web UI?

screencap rachio web ui.pdf (549.3 KB)

How do I get rid of the “kustomer” overlay that appears now in my web UI? I clicked on “help” but this empty overlay appeared and nothing I do will make it go away. Even logout and back in and it’ll come back, blocking view of parts of the interface.

Yup, seems to be a bug.

In Firefox, just closing the browser and reopening it was sufficient to clear it.

In Chrome, clearing cookies from the past hour did the trick.

If you still have trouble, you can avoid the overlap by making the browser window wider and/or taller. If you don’t have screen space for that, adjust the scale factor by holding the Ctrl key and turning the mouse wheel.

If still no luck, post details.

Yes, very annoying!

Our of curiosity, are you guys using ad blockers? And if so, does the problem occur with the website whitelisted?

Problem appears in both Chrome and Firefox with no ad blocker, but can be easily removed by clearing cookies or restarting, respectively.

Okay, can anyone tell me, if if were working correctly, what is its purpose?


“Kustomer” is a support platform which allows Rachio to automate many support related tasks (such as support ticket creation), etc…

Thanks, appreciate the feedback. Sounds useful, I hope they get it working soon.